Magnetize your makeup routine with Mesme Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes. Pair Mesme magnetic lashes with our magnetic liner for all day hold and up to 30 wears.

      10 products

      10 products

      Experience Lash Heaven With Our Magnetic Eyelashes Bundles!

      Life is short but our eyelashes shouldn't be! Because lashes matter and make everything better, we've created several mesmerizing magnetic eyelashes bundles that will satisfy even the biggest lash-o-holics! The bundles come with our gorgeous black magnetic eyeliner which makes all the magical flutter happen. Its effortless application and strong hold make the perfect placement of the magnetic eyelashes as easy as a child's game. Choose between our gorgeous mink and vegan bundles or go for an entire collection - you will fall lash-over-heels in love with the great variety of styles we offer! Our amazing magnetic eyelashes selection offers a little something-something to suit any taste - from natural-looking subtle designs to playful and seductive winged cat-eye, to dramatic volume lashes that will definitely make an impression. Our mesmerizing bundle collection will surely satisfy your lash appetite while saving you money and time - lash indulgence at its best!

      You can't buy happiness but you can buy magnetic eyelashes, and that's pretty much the same thing ;) 

      Mink or Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes - Which One Is Better?

      All our magnetic eyelashes have been carefully handcrafted by artisans to provide the highest quality and the best wearing experience. Mink has been the preferred material among lash masters and beauty queens for a long time, as it is the closest to a natural eyelash there is! The mink hair for our magnetic eyelashes is 100% premium and ethically sourced, giving you perfect lightweight flutter and all-day wearing comfort. 

      We love awesome eyelashes but we love animals too! Thanks to cutting-edge technology, our vegan magnetic eyelashes are just as great as mink! The ultra-fine synthetic fibers used for the faux mink magnetic lashes provide the same curl, fluffiness, and volume as real mink. Their advantage is that they're 100% vegan and animal-friendly. All our magnetic eyelashes are super lightweight and will blend perfectly with your natural lashes, so whichever design you choose, you can't go wrong. Get ready to make hearts sink with every wink!

      Effortlessly Perfect Lashes in Minutes with Our Magnetic Eyelashes Bundles

      Gorgeous eyelashes don't happen by chance but they don't need to be a killjoy either! Forget about the messy glue, forget about the long hours and tons of money spent in beauty salons, and join the era of hassle-free beauty! Thanks to our innovative black magnetic liner and 5 small but powerful magnets on the soft cotton lash band, you can go from zero to lash-hero in a matter of minutes! Just apply the magnetic eyeliner as a regular liner - draw a thick line or a wing for a cat-eye effect, 'click' your magnetic eyelashes into place, and enjoy perfect lashes all day, every day. The tiny particles of iron oxide in the eyeliner make all the magnetic magic happen, and provide the magnetic eyelashes with an envious staying power. What's more, with our awesome bundles you can change your daytime lashes with friskier date-time lashes in the blink of an eye! Gently remove the magnetic lashes you're already wearing, reapply the magnetic eyeliner, and attach the next pair. The instant glow-up is that easy!

      Magnetic Eyelashes Made For You - Which Design To Choose?

      You wonder which magnetic eyelashes design is right for you and which one to choose? The answer is simple - whichever you like! Our magnetic lashes are universal in size, suitable for all eye shapes, and are so light that you'll forget that you're wearing them. 

      If it's your first time wearing falsies, there are a few general guidelines that you can follow. If your eyes are close-set, slanted, or rounder eyes, try our marvelous cat-eye designs. The longer wing on the outside will visually lengthen the eyes and slightly raise the outer edge. If your eyes are wide-set, then go for our gorgeous round designs. They have the same length from end to end and will visually bring your eyes closer together, creating a gorgeous babydoll effect! What's more, the 5 magnets on the soft cotton lash band allow you to adjust the length of your magnetic lashes. Just cut it so that the lash band ends with a magnet and you're ready to go!

      To make things even easier for you, we've created a comprehensive Lash Guide that will help you choose the right magnetic eyelashes for you. If you're in doubt exactly how to apply, remove and care for your magnetic lashes, you can check out our fool-proof How To Apply section and see special tips and tricks for a flawless application.

      Why Choose Mesme Magnetic Eyelashes Bundles?

      We made sure to create the best magnetic eyelashes on the market so we can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't choose Mesme bundles! 

      To start with, the revolutionary innovation of our magnetic eyeliner and the 5 tiny but mighty magnets on each soft cotton lash band make the application of falsies easier than ever! Unlike glue, regular false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions, the magnetic eyelashes won't damage your natural lashes in any way. They are super lightweight and fluffy, providing a flawless fit and all-day comfort - you'll forget that you're wearing them! 

      Our magnetic lashes bundles offer a plethora of gorgeous designs at an incredible super-saving price. Go for our most natural-looking subtle designs, discover the playfulness of the winged cat-eye shape, try the volume-packed styles for the eye-drama effect, or go for an entire collection! With our magnetic eyelashes bundles you can have perfect lashes for any occasion quickly, painlessly, and without breaking the bank! 

      What's more, our magnetic eyelashes are made to last! With proper care, each pair can be worn over 30 times, making you feel beautiful over and over again. After each use, gently remove any leftover eyeliner from the magnets using your fingernail, make-up removal wet-wipe, or tweezers, and put your magnetic eyelashes in the special magnetic box for safekeeping. They will retain their perfect shape and gorgeous flutter and will amp up your look again and again. Always feel fabulash!