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Vegan Angel
Vegan Angel
Vegan Angel
Vegan Angel
Vegan Angel
Vegan Angel

Vegan Angel

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Always feel in 7th Heaven with our stellar ‘Vegan Angel’ magnetic eyelashes bundle! Specially designed for all the animal lovers and vegan beauts out there, the bundle features 12 gorgeous ‘faux mink’ designs and our superb black magnetic eyeliner. Enhance your natural beauty with a subtle feathery flutter, a playful cat-eye twist, or go for a dramatic fallen angel volume. This ultimate vegan magnetic eyelashes collection will give you a lash for any occasion. Lash indulgence at its best!

✧ Ultra-fine synthetic fibers 
✧ Lightweight cotton band 
✧ 5 magnets for maximum hold
✧ Wearable for up to 30 times with proper care
✧ Special magnetic case for safekeeping 


Cruelty-Free Heavenly Beauty With Our ‘Vegan Angel’ Magnetic Lashes Bundle


You love great lashes but you love animals too? So do we! Our artisans handcrafted these gorgeous vegan magnetic eyelashes, so you can enjoy all the flutter with zero cruelty. Made with the highest quality ultra-fine synthetic fibers, the vegan magnetic lashes are super lightweight and fluffy - just like the real thing! The ‘Vegan Angel’ bundle offers a paradise of designs to amp up your style every day, or even several times a day! Give your natural eyelashes a subtle boost with Ellie and Bella, or enhance your look a notch up with Mia, Mika, and Stella - no one will believe these are not your real eyelashes! Get that cute and flirty cat-eye look with Kylie, Ophelia, Vera, and Samantha, or let your eyelashes speak louder than words with Vivian, Camila, and Chloe. It’s always lash o’clock with our ‘Vegan Angel’ bundle!


Divine Transformation in Minutes with ‘Vegan Angel’ Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner


With so many amazing designs it's hard to pick just one, but hey, you don't have to! Thanks to our premium liquid magnetic eyeliner and 5 powerful magnets on each soft cotton lash band, you can glow up your style several times a day! The vegan magnetic eyelashes just 'click' to the magnetic eyeliner, and with proper care, you can use them up to 30 times. No more messy glue and expensive extension procedures - just pick your angel magnetic lashes and wink away!

✧ Apply a thick layer of MESME magnetic eyeliner to your upper eyelid along the natural lash line. Allow to dry for 1-3 minutes, then reapply another layer.

✧ Trim your MESME magnetic lashes to fit eye width if needed (just make sure you cut the band so that the end is a magnet)

✧ Starting from the inner corner of your eye, clip the magnet on top of the eyeliner, following along the entire eyelid.

✧ To remove your magnetic eyelashes, simply grab them and gently pull them off. Wipe away the eyeliner from your eyes with an oil-based makeup remover. (micellar water, waterproof makeup wipes, or fractionated coconut oil will do a great job!)
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