Magnetize your makeup routine with Mesme Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes. Pair Mesme magnetic lashes with our magnetic liner for all day hold and up to 30 wears.

12 products

12 products

Mink-Friendly & Vegan-Friendly Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Happy news for all the vegan beauties and animal lovers out there! We offer a gorgeous faux mink magnetic eyelashes collection that will mesmerize you with its variety and beauty! The vegan magnetic eyelashes are made of the highest quality ultra-fine synthetic fibers that are super lightweight, fluffy, and barely distinguishable from mink. Our artisans carefully handcrafted several gorgeous vegan magnetic eyelashes designs, that will match your style and lift you up on any occasion!

Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes Made to WOW!

Our handmade vegan magnetic eyelashes are carefully crafted using ultra-fine synthetic fibers to give your eyes all the flutter they deserve! You can't go wrong with the faux mink magnetic eyelashes as they're super light, fluffy, 100% vegan, and 100% gorgeous! Whether you want to make your day a bit more fun or to spice up your night—our unique vegan magnetic eyelashes are ready to match your mood! Your new magnetic lashes will surely WOW you and everyone around you!

Get a MESMErizing Look in 3 Easy Steps with Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyeliner

With these vegan magnetic eyelashes, enhancing your natural beauty is as easy as 1-2-3! Just apply our superb magnetic eyeliner as a regular eyeliner or even play a bit with it—draw a wing, make it thicker—your call. Then take the faux mink magnetic eyelashes out of the box and gently bend the lash band to soften and contour them. Holding a mirror at your chin level, align the magnetic lash band with your eye, let it "click" to the magnetic eyeliner, and you're all set. The lash band is armed with 5 tiny but mighty magnets, which will impress you with their strong grip —pure magic! With our gorgeous vegan magnetic eyelashes, your new mesmerizing look is just a wink away!

Magnetic Eyelashes of a New Generation Made For You

Every gal wants to look great and have perfect makeup, but the application of the false eyelashes that are commercially available is difficult and time-consuming. The application of the magnetic lashes however is super quick, fun, and easy. Just apply our liquid black magnetic eyeliner, 'click' your magnetic lashes into place, and you're done! Our magnetic eyelashes won't irritate your eyes in any way, they are discreet and will blend perfectly with your natural lashes without damaging them. Forget about struggling with messy glue or breaking the bank with pricey eyelash extension procedures and hours spent in beauty salons! Your magnetic eyelashes will stay perfectly put all day and all night long so that all you have to worry about is having a great time! 

How to Choose Your Magnetic Eyelashes Shape and Style 

The answer to that is simple - just pick the ones you like and go for them! As a general rule, different eyelash designs are more flattering to certain eye shapes than others. For close-set, slanted, or rounder eyes, look for our fabulous cat-eye designs. The longer wing on the outside will visually lengthen the eyes and slightly raise the outer edge. Girls with wide-set eyes will be amazed by the beautiful appearance of our round magnetic eyelash designs. Their equal-length hairs are placed in a perfectly round shape from end to end which will turn you into a real doll! 

The great news is that our artisans handcrafted these vegan magnetic eyelashes so that they look gorgeous on any eye shape! Their super lightweight feathery structure will blend perfectly with your natural eyelashes, without irritating the eyes or feeling heavy on the eyelid. Thanks to the 5 magnets on each soft cotton lash band you can trim the length of your magnetic eyelashes to provide the best fit. Just make sure the lash band ends with a magnet and that there are no sharp corners that might hurt your eyelids. 

Why Choose Mesme Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes

The answer to this question is easy for all the vegan beauties out there - 'coz they're animal friendly! Not only that, but our 'faux mink' magnetic eyelashes are also made of ultra-fine cutting-edge synthetic fibers, which offer the same fluffiness, volume, length, and curl as mink lashes. They are universal in size, suitable for all eye shapes, and are so light that you'll forget that you're wearing them.

The soft cotton lash band is equipped with 5 nano-magnets designed to provide the best fit to the eyelid. The magnetic lashes are applied with the help of our liquid magnetic eyeliner, giving you a longer-lasting result, easy and in seconds. The variety of gorgeous designs we offer will surely make it hard for you to pick just one, but at these prices - you don't have to! Feel free to express your unique self and pick vegan magnetic lashes that define you - worry-free & cruelty-free beauty! 

Can't Pick Just 1? Discover Our Amazing Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes Bundles 

With so many gorgeous magnetic eyelash designs it might be really hard to pick just one but don't worry - we've got your back! We've created several awesome bundles featuring our amazing vegan magnetic lashes and our magical black magnetic eyeliner. Choose your favorite lash designs or go for the entire vegan collection! With our beautiful bundles you’ll save money and enjoy lash indulgence at its best. 

Effortlessly Flawless Lashes Over and Over Again 

We're 100% certain that you'll fall in love with your gorgeous magnetic lashes and it would be a shame to throw them away after just one use. Don't worry, tho - our vegan magnetic eyelashes are made to last! With proper care and storage, they can be reused over 30 times, retaining their original perfect shape and volume. When it's time to take them off, carefully pull the magnetic lashes up and away and gently scrub any leftover magnetic eyeliner from the magnets. You can use your fingernail, tweezers, or a make-up removal wet wipe. Once they're clean simply put them in the magnetic box for safekeeping where they'll be quietly waiting to make you feel beautiful again and again.