About Us

A big welcome from all of us at MESME!

We are a young, innovative, and fun-loving company based in Chicago with a vision to reinvent the world of makeup and eyelashes! 

We believe that Love and Beauty will save the world, and we want to make it easier for women all over the world to feel their gorgeous and lovely selves while saving time and money. As women, we know that the expressive look is the key to a captivating appearance, and beautiful eyelashes play a huge role in it. While mascara is sometimes enough to highlight natural beauty, a lot of us often desire a more defined enhancement to make us feel unapologetically unique and beautiful. Chances are, you've already tried the tricky and time consuming fake eyelashes or even the super expensive eyelash extensions, but we don't find them good enough! 

Do you long for natural, long lasting, and beautiful eyelashes, no glues, no expensive procedures, no weekly maintenance? We know we do! That is why we spent months on research and tests to create the most lightweight, natural, and easy to use magnetic eyelashes!

Meet MESME Magnetic Eyelashes & Magnetic Eyeliner

MESME magnetic eyelashes is a product made for you, or as we like to say - Made for ME! Each pair of our magnetic eyelashes is individually hand-made, with an ultra thin and flexible lash band designed to provide you with all-day comfort and a beautiful natural effect. 

Our magnetic eyeliner makes the application fun & easy! It is just like a regular paraben-free eyeliner, with one secret ingredient - iron oxide (a non-toxic and safe to use cosmetic ingredient). At the same time, five tiny but powerful magnets on the lash band smoothly "click" to the magnetic eyeliner, making sure your eyelashes stay where you put them - all day and all night. Having gorgeous and natural-looking eyelashes has never been easier! 

The days of difficult gluing of eyelashes or expensive extensions in beauty salons are now over! Whether it's for a special occasion or you just want to make your day more fun - achieving the perfect look is as easy as 1-2-3! Just apply the magnetic eyeliner as a regular eyeliner, flex the magnetic lash band to soften it, and apply it where you want it. That’s it! 

MESME loves animals, so we don't do any animal testing of our products. 

The best natural-looking eyelashes are made from ethically sourced mink hair, but don't worrywe haven't forgotten about our vegan friends! MESME offers a wide range of faux mink vegan magnetic eyelashes made from the highest quality synthetic fibers. 

We believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered in her beauty as confidence is always the best outfit you can wear. Our mink and vegan artisan-crafted magnetic eyelashes will MESMErize you with their unique and gorgeous look, easy application, and long life! MESME magnetic lashes are made to last (may be used 30+ times), made to save you money, made to give you more ME time, made to lift you up, made to WOW!

Are you ready to be MESMErized? Your new way of life is just a wink away! 

Made for Me