Clean it

Always apply the magnetic eyeliner on clean and dry skin. Excess oils on the eyelid may affect the bond and the appearance of the magnetic eyelashes, and you don't want that.

Trim it

MESME magnetic eyelashes come in different lengths and styles to enhance your natural beauty for any occasion! If you need to, you can trim your magnetic lashes - just make sure you cut the band so that the end is a magnet.

Shake it

Shake the magnetic eyeliner well before each use. Don't forget to close it tight after you're done to prevent it from drying.

Swatch it

Just like with any other makeup, please swatch some of the magnetic eyeliner on your wrist first. Let it stay for a while to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients, and you're ready to go!


Apply the magnetic eyeliner

MESME magnetic eyeliner is applied just like any regular eyeliner. Carefully draw a line as close to the roots of your eyelashes as possible. Make sure the line is as thick as the magnets on the lashes and make it long enough so that it can hold the magnets at both ends of the lash band. Follow the line of your natural eyelashes from start to end, or even draw a wing if you're going after a cateye look. Wait for 30-60 seconds or till the magnetic eyeliner is almost dry before you magnetize the eyelashes. To flawlessly blend your lashes, you may curl your natural eyelashes and apply mascara. However, we do not recommend applying mascara on your magnetic eyelashes, as this may damage them. MESME magnetic eyelashes are mesmerizing and gorgeous just the way they are!

Flex the eyelash band

Before you flex a muscle, flex your lashes first! Carefully take the magnetic eyelash band out of the box and gently bend it to soften it. This will allow you to easily contour the magnetic eyelash to the shape of your eye.

Attach the magnetic eyelash

And now, the moment of truth! Hold a mirror at your chin level so that your gaze is down, grab the magnetic eyelash band towards the middle, and align it with the center of your eye. At this point, the magnets will be ready to “click”, so all you have to do is gently attach the band as close to your natural eyelashes as possible, starting from the inner corner of your eye and going towards the outer corner. For the most comfortable feeling and flawless natural effect, place the magnetic lash band 1 cm away from the inner corner of your eye. Once the magnetic eyelashes are in place, hold them close to the root and press them down to create a strong bond. And voila! Now you're ready to mesmerize everyone with your gorgeous new look!



To remove your magnetic eyelashes, simply grab them and gently pull them off. Clean the magnetic eyeliner with oil-based makeup remover (micellar water, waterproof makeup wipes, or fractionated coconut oil will do a great job!) or use warm water and a gentle scrub in the shower to wash it off.


The more you care for your beautiful MESME magnetic eyelashes, the longer they'll be there to make you happy! Use your fingernail or clean tweezers to gently scratch off any leftover liner from the magnets. If needed, you may also use makeup wipes to carefully clean each of the magnets, as well as the magnet strip in the eyelash box. Keep your falsies safe in the box, and they'll always be there for you! With little care, the magnetic eyelashes will help you feel beautiful more than 30 times! Do NOT wet your magnetic eyelashes, as this may ruin their gorgeous curl and shape!