A playful and flirty look speaks louder than words! Now you can easily have it with our Kylie magnetic lashes! They are fun and easy to apply, and 100% vegan! Made from premium "faux mink" synthetic fibers, the magnetic lashes are super light and fluffy and made to last.



We've created Ellie because we know that sometimes girls need just a tiny boost to feel beautiful and charming. The short and wispy design of these vegan magnetic eyelashes is super lightweight and will enhance the beauty of your eyes, providing the most natural effect.



Step up your beauty game with Mia magnetic lashes! This gorgeous round design is super lightweight, feathery, natural-looking, and 100% vegan-friendly! Featuring the highest quality "faux mink" lashes and a soft cotton band with 5 tiny but mighty magnets, our vegan magnetic eyelashes are fun and easy to apply.



Fabulous eyelashes are just a wink away with Ophelia magnetic lashes! These long, volume-packed, wispy magnetic lashes are vegan-friendly and super lightweight. Featuring premium quality ultra-fine synthetic fibers, the "faux mink" magnetic eyelashes look and feel just like the real thing!



Spice up your love game with gorgeous Vera vegan magnetic eyelashes! This wispy cat-eye design was specially hand-crafted by artisans to create a flirty and seductive look without being too extra.



Add a little twist to your everyday look with Mika magnetic lashes! The wispy round design is very natural-looking, easy to apply and 100% vegan! Featuring premium quality ultra-fine synthetic fibers, the "faux mink" magnetic eyelashes are super light and feathery!



No matter what you're wearing, you'll always be dressed to kill with Vivian magnetic lashes! Despite their dramatic volume and daring length, these vegan magnetic eyelashes are unbelievably lightweight and easy to apply.



Fabulous eyelashes are just a wink away with Camila vegan magnetic lashes! Featuring premium quality ultra-fine synthetic fibers, the "faux mink" magnetic eyelashes look and feel just like the real thing!



Pretty as a picture - this is what Bella is! She's got beauty, she's got grace, not just a pretty face! Bella's natural charm and effortless elegance bravely state that beauty is an attitude, and she winks in the face of adversity. With Bella magnetic eyelashes, the beauty and the beast fairytale are never over!



Oh, my lash! Turn heads wherever you go with bold and daring Chloe! With a long, thick, and fluffy cat-eye shape, she's all about the eye drama. She's a supernova with the most envious lashes in town, and she's not afraid to draw attention!



Amp up your daily style with subtle Samantha! She loves natural beauty, but she knows that outstanding eyelashes don't happen by chance. With a perfect cat-eye shape from end to end and a medium length, Samantha vegan magnetic eyelashes will make every day a good lash day!



Step up your beauty game with Stella! Featuring a wispy round shape and medium length, Stella is our beauty expert that will boost your confidence day and night. She’s natural-looking, light and fluffy, and 100% vegan!



Amp up your natural beauty with Mina! She is a shy starlet who knows that great eyelashes make everything better! Mina might be small, but her semi-wispy shape, subtle volume, and medium length are always ready to play. Just one wink from this beauty will melt your heart away—what a sweetheart!



Daphne is mysterious, beautiful, and seductive. Beauty is her attitude and she surely captivates with her natural charm and foxy look! Daphne's playful criss-cross cat-eye design and feathery flutter create the much desired sexy and classy appearance. You don't need a special occasion as Daphne makes it easy to feel beautiful every day!



Who needs to sleep with eyelashes like these? Aurora is an ex-sleeping beauty and a current beauty queen! She knows that gorgeous eyelashes are the key to magnificent eyes, and hers always shine as bright as the stars. Aurora's medium-length and perfectly flared cat-eye shape add a playful twist to any special occasion or regular day. Just one wink and she can make hearts sink!



Jazlyn makes a striking impression and captivates everyone with her magical unicorn look! Her mysterious, sweet, and innocent appearance is both dreamy and enchanting. Jazlyn's gorgeous volume, daring length, and feathery wispy round shape create the fluttery look of a fairy creature in the blink of an eye. Anything is possible when unicorn magic is involved!



Gigi is a glamour girl who loves to make a striking impression with her ravishing look! She loves the eye drama, and she lets her eyelashes do all the talking. Her gorgeous volume, feathery round shape, and impressive length are always picture-perfect & Insta-ready! Some may say that she's a lash-o-holic, but Gigi is too glam to give a damn!



Eat. Sleep. Lash. Repeat. Luna is a daring babydoll who likes everything in moderation, except eyelashes! She rocks her flirtations flutter and sensational volume day and night, making hearts sink with every wink. Luna magnetic lashes will surely make you feel over the moon on any occasion!