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Get an effortlessly cute and flirty look with Kylie! She likes to have fun and keeps the mood light! Her gorgeous medium-length cat-eye shape is always ready to play and elevate your day! Kylie is a natural-looking eye candy that will give you all the flirtatious flutter that you need. A perfect balance of subtle and glam!

✧ Ultra-fine synthetic fibers
✧ Lightweight cotton band
✧ Handmade by artisans
✧ Length: 5-11mm
✧ Wearable for up to 30 times with proper care


Get a Cute Glam Look with Kylie Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes


Be always Insta-ready with gorgeous Kylie vegan magnetic eyelashes! The playful wispy cat-eye shape will add a bit of glam to your look without being too extra. Our vegan magnetic eyelashes are carefully hand-crafted by artisans to provide a flawless natural-looking effect. The premium ultra-thin synthetic fibers and the soft cotton band are super lightweight, which makes these magnetic lashes perfect for any occasion!


Express Yourself with Kylie Vegan Magnetic Lashes


A playful and flirty look speaks louder than words! Now you can easily have it with our Kylie magnetic lashes! They are fun and easy to apply, and 100% vegan! Made from premium "faux mink" synthetic fibers, the magnetic lashes are super light and fluffy and made to last. The soft cotton lash band is equipped with 5 tiny magnets that have a powerful attraction to our magical magnetic eyeliner. No tacky glue, no costly and time-consuming procedures. With our vegan magnetic eyelashes, your eyes will get the flutter and glam they deserve in a matter of minutes! Bat your magnificent eyelashes in every direction!

✧ Apply a thick layer of MESME magnetic eyeliner to your upper eyelid along the natural lash line. Allow to dry for 1-3 minutes, then reapply another layer.

✧ Trim your MESME magnetic lashes to fit eye width if needed (just make sure you cut the band so that the end is a magnet)

✧ Starting from the inner corner of your eye, clip the magnet on top of the eyeliner, following along the entire eyelid.

✧ To remove your magnetic eyelashes, simply grab them and gently pull them off. Wipe away the eyeliner from your eyes with an oil-based makeup remover. (micellar water, waterproof makeup wipes, or fractionated coconut oil will do a great job!)
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