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Let your eyes shine like the stars with our 'Supernova' magnetic eyelashes bundle! We've put together 4 of our most natural-looking vegan magnetic lashes for all the gals who want to try falsies for the first time without being too extra. Give your eyes a subtle enhancement or add a bit of flirtatious flutter to your daytime look - with the 'Supernova' bundle no one will believe these are not your real eyelashes! The application is super fun and easy thanks to the awesome magnetic eyeliner we included. Making every day a good lash day has never been easier!

✧ Ultra-fine synthetic fibers 
✧ Lightweight cotton band 
✧ 5 magnets for maximum hold
✧ Wearable for up to 30 times with proper care
✧ Special magnetic case for safekeeping 


Enhance Your Natural Beauty with 'Supernova' Vegan Magnetic Eyelashes Bundle


Natural beauty is a joy forever but don't we all need a bit of confidence boost every now and then? We've created the 'Supernova' bundle for all the gals who want to try falsies without the eye drama! Our artisans handcrafted the most natural-looking magnetic eyelashes designs that look and feel just like your natural eyelashes, but better! Made of premium ultra-fine synthetic fibers, our vegan magnetic eyelashes are so light and fluffy you won't even notice they're there! Ellie and Bella will give your eyes a subtle enhancement suitable even for your work meetings, while Mia and Kylie will add a feathery flutter to your look, no matter the occasion. Choose the lashes that define you and wink away!


Effortless Transformation with 'Supernova' Magnetic Lashes and Magnetic Eyeliner


Who said wearing falsies has to be a hassle? Forget about the gunky glue or hours (and money!) spent in the beauty salons! Our incredible magnetic eyeliner makes the applications of the magnetic lashes as easy as 1-2-3! Just apply the magnetic eyeliner as a regular liner and ‘click’ your falsies in place. The 5 tiny but mighty magnets on the soft cotton lash band will make sure your eyelashes stay flawlessly put all day long! With proper care, our magnetic eyelashes can be worn up to 30 times. Because we know lashes matter!

✧ Apply a thick layer of MESME magnetic eyeliner to your upper eyelid along the natural lash line. Allow to dry for 1-3 minutes, then reapply another layer.

✧ Trim your MESME magnetic lashes to fit eye width if needed (just make sure you cut the band so that the end is a magnet)

✧ Starting from the inner corner of your eye, clip the magnet on top of the eyeliner, following along the entire eyelid.

✧ To remove your magnetic eyelashes, simply grab them and gently pull them off. Wipe away the eyeliner from your eyes with an oil-based makeup remover. (micellar water, waterproof makeup wipes, or fractionated coconut oil will do a great job!)
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